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The boys in R&D have come up with something strange- a display technology that changes depending on whether you're looking at it. They've started running some tests and management has asked you to examine the recordings for some upcoming meetings.

"Visual Horror" is a short experimental horror/puzzle game by Sam Bloomberg.

Content Warning: this game contains no blood or gore, but those sensitive to jumpscares, flashing lights, or loud noises should avoid playing.

Spatialized audio is used throughout the game. For the best experience use headphones.

System Requirements

CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz+

GPU: GTX 1070 or equivalent, DirectX 12

Memory:  8GB

OS: Windows 10 or newer

Storage: 1GB available space

Performance Note: Certain game mechanics require a reasonably good framerate (60fps). If you are unable to maintain this framerate, certain puzzles will be of a lesser experience but will still be playable. Resolution and graphics options can be found in the pause menu.

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